Fields of practice


Family Law

We want you not just to get through this, but to come out better than when you started. That is our personal tape-measure in every case. 

Family law is a large field which includes dissolution (divorce), custody, child support, non-parental actions, paternity and de facto parenting.

The mistake people make is to assume a divorce is like any other legal transaction. That’s not true. It’s a life-changing event and you have to administer to the entire person. There are three stages in the evolution of the person during a family law case. The person you are changes from the beginning through the middle and to the end. Each case and each person is different, with both legal and emotional needs.  While we address the legal needs, we are conscious that each person’s emotional needs must be also addressed. It makes all the difference as you go through this traumatic process.

When children are involved the stakes get higher. There is nothing that a parent values more than their child. So it is unsurprising that this can be the most divisive part of a lawsuit and a source of friction. In addition, parenting plans can be challenged and modified in court for years. You and your attorney must plan, from the beginning, what you want for the future of your children and the role each parent will play in their lives.

At the point of your life when the seas are stormy, our role is to guide you ashore safely.


Real estate law

For more people, their home, or any piece of land, is the most expensive purchase they will ever make in their life. Most of our work in real estate is transactional and “paper driven.” We focus on life estates, transfers of property, negotiations over sale and the everyday needs that people have around their ownership of real estate.

My focus in this practice is to provide a fast, efficient process that will reach your goal as quickly as possible.

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